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The End is Near

Tomorrow morning is our last meeting on deputation. For several years now we have traveled back and forth across this country raising financial support. We have visited many great churches that we have had the opportunity to share our burden for Italian souls. We have so much to be thankful for over the past couple years… great supporting churches, souls saved, family memories, new friendships, exposure to various ministries, safe travels, seeing the beauty of America, and so much more. However, I’m glad it’s finally over. It will be so nice for my family to have stability and consistency again.

Pearl has spent much of her life in a car seat. It broke our heart as we were driving a few weeks ago to hear her implore, “I want to play in the yard now, please. I want to play in the yard Mommy, please.” Obviously we look forward to being where God has called us to, but in addition it will be so nice for Pearl to spend some time with grass under her feet and no car seat to constrain her little body for days at a time. It will also be nice for Isaiah not to have to carry his toys in a plastic container from place-to-place and sleep in a different bed multiple times in a week. The other day we were driving and he said, “Daddy, I’m home-sick.” I tried to deflect this reasonable statement by saying, “Home-sick? We’re in California. It’s beautiful here.” He replied, “I’m not talking about Ohio necessarily Daddy. I’m home-sick for a home.” Yes, we’ve been blessed but we’re ready for deputation to be over. We’re ready for a home in Italy.

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