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Stetson received Christ at a young age but having been raised in a denomination that taught the assurance of salvation was impossible, he remained without a solid foundation for Christian growth. After he began attending a Baptist church pastored by his uncle, he began to question how much sin would be necessary to forfeit salvation. An evening spent with his uncle in front of an open Bible cleared up the eternal security of the believer. Standing in awe of God’s majesty and humbled by God’s grace, the desire of Stetson’s heart has been to live a transformed life and tell others about Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection.

Stetson has two engineering degrees and worked as an engineer for over 10 years. During that time he felt the call of God to full-time ministry. After having served in the local church in the States, he and his family have surrendered their lives to reach Italian souls for Christ.

Stetson loves spending time with his amazing wife Sandy, is the proud father of two wonderful children, Isaiah and Pearl, and likes most things Italian – especially Rome, Verona, Vespas and cappuccino.



Sandy jokes that she is the anti-missionary wife: she didn’t attend Bible college, she doesn’t play piano nor does she sing. Sandy wasn’t raised in a Christian home but was rather brought up under the false teaching of the Church of Christ that water baptism is necessary for salvation.


Having left “religion” because of the circular reasoning and hypocrisy of those in leadership she began to search if any religion had the truth around the time she finished her undergraduate degree. God heard her cry for Truth and through His providence she heard the gospel and received Jesus Christ as Saviour on her birthday. Personally experiencing that not everything labeled “Christian” is Christian indeed, Sandy is passionate about sharing the good news that salvation is in Jesus Christ alone and this faith should be evidenced in the life of the believer. Although once strongly career minded she left college one semester shy of her master’s in clinical psychology, for what she believes is her primary call, to be a wife and mother.


Sandy is adventurous, loves the arts and fashion, thinks Venice is the most beautiful city in the most amazing country in the world, and invests all of her being into her family.


Isaiah and Pearl

To protect the children from those who might scour the internet for victims, Stetson and Sandy have decided not to include information about the kids’ personalities and likes. Isaiah and Pearl are amazing children and complete joys to their parents.

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