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Snapshots - EUR

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

We live in EUR (ay-oor), a residential and business district located south of Rome’s city center. EUR stands for Esposizione Universale Roma, it was the site chosen in the late 1930s by Mussolini for an international exhibition to show off the “wonders” of his fascist society and was designed to direct the expansion of the city towards the south-west. The planned exhibition never took place due to World War II.

Heading south on Cristoforo Colombo from central Rome you’ll eventually find yourself amidst the wide boulevards and square grid blocks of EUR. The fascist architecture, comprised of cold white buildings and large pillars, dominate. The Museum of Roman Civilization is supposed to be worth the trip if you have the time (although we have not been there yet).

The Basilica of Peter and Paul is prominent…

We often walk the mile from our apartment to the lake. It’s a nice place for a picnic and the kids like to feed the ducks.

Further south is our local mall, EURoma2 (Roma Due). You might think you were in a mall in the States with stores such as Hollister, Foot Locker, and Tommy Hilfiger. The big difference is the number of people walking their dogs inside the mall.

We love living in EUR. There is a lot of green space, it is not as congested as other parts of the city, and we are still well connected to the center with several metro lines within walking distance. EUR will be our home until we leave for northern Italy in 2014.

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