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Prayer Cards

I am always encouraged when one of the brethren tells me that they are praying for my family and me. Every three months or so a pastor of one of our supporting churches in Alabama calls me to check on our family and tell me he is praying for us. That is encouraging. When we presented our work at a church in Colorado Springs this summer a gentleman told me that his ministry is one of intercession and that he would faithfully be praying for us every day. What a blessing. We need prayer.

At every church where we present the work God has called us to do in Italy we pass out prayer cards so that people might remember our family and lift us up to the Lord. Some have said they place the prayer card on their refrigerator, others alternate cards at every meal to pray over a different missionary before they eat. So far on deputation we have passed out over 7,000 prayer cards. We finally updated our picture to include Pearl and have ordered another 5,000 to pass out for the remainder of deputation.

We need your prayers. There are some very specific things that you can pray about for missionaries. Earlier this year I found a helpful article in a magazine that addressed how to pray for missionaries. I hope it will be of benefit as you intercede on the behalf of others. As I pray for missionaries I usually alternate between the various groupings listed below.

Pray for their spiritual life

  • that they will be filled with the Holy Spirit

  • that the fruit of the Spirit will be manifested in their life

  • that they will have wisdom in making decisions

  • that God’s power will be upon them and souls will be saved

  • for harmonious relationships between husband, wife, and their children

Pray for their physical well being

  • for good health

  • for healing when illness occurs

  • for protection from harm and danger

  • for safety as they travel on the field, on deputation, and on furlough

Pray for their children

  • the education of their children

  • adjustment to the language, culture, and climate

  • while traveling on deputation and furlough

  • adjustment on returning to their home country

Pray for their cultural adjustments

  • ability in learning the language

  • adjustment to strange culture

  • for patience in establishing relationships with people

  • for comfortable housing as a refuge in a strange environment

Pray for good relationships

  • within the home

  • with missionary peers

  • with the government

  • with the national believers

  • with unsaved neighbors

Pray for their financial needs

  • adequate monthly support

  • resources for special projects: land, buildings, vehicles, etc.

  • funds for education of children

  • crippling inflation

Pray for their spiritual warfare

  • victory over temptation

  • moral purity

  • appropriating Christ as their life on a daily basis

  • freedom in Christ over evil spirits

  • for victory over loneliness and discouragement

Pray for their ministry

  • winning souls

  • baptizing and discipling new converts

  • planting churches

  • training workers

  • sending out national missionaries

“Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may have free course, and be glorified, even as it is with you:” 2 Thessalonians 3:1

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