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Goodbye America

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

One year ago today we boarded a plane in Cincinnati and said good-bye to the only life we had known. It seems so long ago that we walked in our neighborhood in Kettering, visited with friends, and had a date-night where someone watched our kids. Much time has passed since I sat in my pastor’s office to seek his advise, listened to him sing “Come and Dine”, watch him weep with compassion over those caught in the throes of life or laugh at his spontaneous humor.

Although I cannot exaggerate our love for the Italian people and Italy there are naturally things that we miss about the States. Rather than discuss loved ones or other indispensables, I’d like to list ten things I wish we still had access to in our new home (in no particular order except for the first two)…

  • Date night alone with my wife

  • Communicating the gospel in my native language

  • Conveniences

  • Teaching the Faithbuilders Sunday School class

  • Turtle Mocha from Caribou Coffee

  • The Ohio State Buckeyes football and Cincinnati Bengals

  • Meadowlarks, Thai 9, Mimi’s Cafe and other favorite restaurants

  • Peanut Butter ‘n Chip CLIF bars

  • Eddie Bauer

  • My own backyard

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