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Ciao Italia

Last year on this date we landed on Italian soil to begin a new life. The past year has had its ups and downs but we cannot imagine living anywhere else in the world. We absolutely love Italy for many reasons, here are twenty things that come to my mind…

  1. The Italian people

  2. Worshipping God with Italian believers

  3. The Italian language

  4. La passeggiata… a casual stroll

  5. Rome

  6. Cappuccino and a cornetto

  7. La piazza… city squares

  8. Riding my Vespa motor scooter

  9. Gelato

  10. Venice

  11. Wood-fired pizza

  12. Museums

  13. “Talking” hands

  14. Italian history

  15. Ancient ruins

  16. Open-air markets

  17. The play of light on Italian landscapes

  18. Discovering a good restaurant

  19. Colorful seaside villages

  20. La dolce vita… the sweetness of life

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