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Salvation of God

As Sandy and I sat on the couch watching television we came across a movie titled Heart Full of Rain. When the name of the main character was first mentioned we simultaneously looked at each other and repeated it, “Isaiah!” From that moment we knew what we would name our son.

Of course we were familiar with the name Isaiah because of the book in the Old Testament that bears the name of the prophet who wrote it but for some reason hearing the name Isaiah spoken that evening resonated within us. The name Isaiah in Hebrew means Salvation of God, the meaning of which expressed our utmost desire for the unborn son in Sandy’s womb.

We have prayed for Isaiah since before he was born, not only his spiritual well-being but also his mental, physical, and emotional health. The Lord has blessed us beyond measure.

Isaiah has always been tender to the things of God. We have tried to instill within him as a child a love and knowledge of the holy scriptures. Since the time he was four years old Sandy has taught him memory verses from the Bible. We have been amazed at how much scripture he can recite. He has always loved Bible stories, church, and praying as a family. I am thankful that at his young age he shows a concern for people’s souls. I remember Sandy and I taking him to downtown Dayton when he was four and seeing him literally run up to strangers with his little hand extended, clutching gospel tracts to give them. I don’t know what the Lord has in store for him but I pray that he will always have a deep love of God and His word.

Isaiah loves to read my old Calvin and Hobbes comic books about a precocious six-year old and his stuffed tiger named Hobbes. Isaiah reminds me a lot of Calvin with his quick wit and spirit for adventure. Sometime he parrots Calvin a little too much… someone once asked him who he was, to which he replied, “My parent’s greatest accomplishment.” He entertains Sandy and me so much, and Pearl thinks he’s the funniest person in the world. Her little face lights up when she sees her “bubby” walk in the room.

Isaiah expresses his love for Sandy often. On his own accord he has picked her flowers since he could walk. I don’t know how many times I have seen him approach Sandy and proudly give her a handful of dandelions as if they were the most beautiful flowers in the world. I have also seen him on a number of occasions dab Sandy’s eyes with tissues when she had been crying and hug her neck reassuringly. When Sandy was six months pregnant with Pearl we had an ice storm. After they pulled into the drive Isaiah was the first to get out of the car and he immediately slipped on the ice and fell hard to the ground. He looked up at Sandy and the first words he said were, “I’m glad I fell instead of you mommy.” I thank the Lord he is so thoughtful concerning others.

We celebrated Isaiah’s 9th birthday on August 23rd. We praise God for blessing us with such a special little boy.

“A wise son maketh a glad father” – Proverbs 10:1a

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