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Snapshots – Tocatì

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Verona hosts a festival each September called Tocatì (dialect meaning “it’s your turn”) in which games are played throughout the city both from regions of Italy as well as a chosen foreign country. This year Verona hosted games from China.

The playful child sign points in the direction of various events. When a sign is red it means games are in that direction.

Jianzi is a game in which the players must pass a heavily weighted “featherball” in the air by using their bodies, apart from their hands.

Flowersticks consists of manipulating one stick in order to juggle one or two others.

The experts make it look easy.

Traditional chinese music was played throughout Verona.

The Chinese were happy to share their culture with young and old alike.

There were various exhibitions of martial arts, fan dancing, and dragon kites.

We enjoy learning about new cultures and playing games as a family each year at Tocatì in our beautiful city of Verona.

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